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Pennsylvania Cytology Services (PCS) is devoted almost exclusively to gynecologic cytology services. We also offer small biopsy tissue diagnostic services. A complete list of services can be found below.

GYN Cytology Services

Other Cytology Services

  • Breast
      Nipple Discharge (Conventional)
      Aspirate Monolayer/Liquid Based (ThinPrep®)
  • Anal Rectal Cytology
      Monolayer/Liquid Based (ThinPrep®)   

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Histopathology Services

  • Cervical Cone Biopsy
  • Endocervical and Endometrial Curettings
  • Breast Aspirate Cell Blocks
  • Small Tissue Biopsies- All sites

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Results are sent via mail, fax or our online reporting portal. We are also able to interface with our client’s electronic medical record(EMR) system. We work with our clients to deliver results in the manner that will work best for them.

PCS also provides a monthly report to each account that lists patients by result along with helpful statistics, such as numbers of preparations with and without endocervical cells and percentages of satisfactory and unsatisfactory cases. These statistics serve as a check and balance system for us as well as the physician’s office.

  • Accuracy verification by a supervisory cytotechnologist and a pathologist for all abnormal reports.
  • Unsatisfactory cases are reviewed twice before results will be reported.
  • Pathologists review all cases determined reactive, atypical, premalignant or malignant.
  • Notification via phone to clinician’s office for any cases deemed “significant” findings (i.e. cancer)
  • A copy of the method of reporting, which can help further explain the cytologic findings (upon request only)

PCS utilizes the Bethesda System for reporting. For additional information on our Bethesda reporting policies and procedures, please click here

Certifications and Licenses

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