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Quality Assurance- Above and Beyond

The PCS Difference

We know you have many options when selecting a cytology laboratory. Here at PCS we offer a superior level of service that goes above and beyond what other laboratories are able to offer. We have even taken the extra steps to ensure our quality assurance protocols surpass the requirements of accreditation and certification programs.

It’s personal at PCS

Because PCS is an independent specialized laboratory, we are able to keep our focus on quality. In contrast to many other laboratories, we take the time to get to know our clients and their patient’s history. We know that every slide represents a patient who is someone’s mother, daughter, sister, or friend waiting for results; we make it a priority to keep that in mind.

We guarantee when you call PCS you will reach one of our friendly staff members without having to deal with a complex menu of options. We are pleased to say that we can offer this personal experience unlike many of our competitors.

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Professional and Experienced

Our clinical agility makes what we do an art, not just a science. Every slide at PCS is screened by a registered, experienced Cytotechnologist and all abnormal cases are reviewed by Board Certified Pathologists and Cytopathologists to ensure the highest degree of reporting accuracy.

Quality Assurance- Above and Beyond

Pennsylvania Cytology Services has implemented additional quality assurance measures to achieve consistency and accuracy. Some of the extra steps we have taken are listed below:

  • Requisition Review

    ✓ Time is taken to consider the patient’s past history and current status to ensure we are delivering the most informed assessment.

    ✓ If a discrepancy is identified on the requisition, one of our cytotechnologists will notify the physician’s office in a timely manner.

  • Abnormal Pap Follow Up

    ✓ PCS will request, by letter, follow up colposcopy and biopsy results for any abnormal pap reports we send out. It serves as a helpful reminder to our physician’s offices to follow up on patients that require additional testing.

    ✓ This letter also contributes to our in-house quality assurance program by providing information for tissue/cytology correlation. If there is a discrepancy between cytology and biopsy findings, the cytology is re-reviewed by one of our board certified cytopathologists and if appropriate, a confirmation of cytology findings letter is sent to aid in patient care.

  • Beyond CLIA Regulations

    ✓ CLIA 88 requires a review of CT statistics twice a year. PCS has both monthly and quarterly reviews.

    ✓ CLIA mandates a 10% re-screen rate of negative cases, to include a sampling of high-risk cases. PCS’s current rescreen rate of negative cases is 15-20%.

    ✓ CLIA mandates that a cytotechnologist read no more than 100 slides in a twenty four hour period. PCS has an internal policy limit of 90 slides.

  • Testing and Proficiency

    ✓ All of our pathologists and cytotechnologists are required to take and pass (≥90%) an annual proficiency test.

    ✓ PCS participated in the state of Maryland’s national proficiency testing system for over five years before this requirement was implemented.

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